Welcome to AFKARECH أفكارج Female Network &Think Thank #Women Empowerment

Welcome to AFKARECH أفكارج Female Network &Think Thank #Women EmpowermentWelcome to AFKARECH أفكارج Female Network &Think Thank #Women Empowerment

Give the gift of education


Introducing Afkarech’s Ramadan Initiative “صفي by Afkarech”


We are in an unprecedented crisis and it is at this time that our empathy must shine through to help those less fortunate than ourselves. This is when giving truly matters and makes an impact in the lives of others.  COVID-19 has robbed many of their livelihoods in Bahrain and as their struggles compound many are unable to even pay the school fees for their children. This is an issue that has resonated with us at Afkarech™ Female Network & Think Tank and we decide to stand up for our future generation. This Ramadan our initiative “صفي by Afkarech” will provide school tuition fees over the months of April, May and June for girls whose families have fallen upon bad times and are looking at discontinuing their education due to a lack of funds.

Afkarech has always believed that education is the best tool to change the world. Educate a girl child and she will change the world. So, help us as we strive to change the world – one girl child at a time. By ensuring our girls get uninterrupted education, we can build a strong foundation for a better tomorrow because an educated woman has a brighter future and the ability and knowledge to rise above poverty, malnutrition, to lead more productive lives and help raise the standard of living for themselves, their children, their families and their communities.

So for as little as BD 10, this Ramadan, you can light up someone’s life with the gift of knowledge. Come join us in this noble initiative and together we can raise more funds for a better future for our little girls. We understand the times are difficult for all of us but there are those who needs are greater than our own and if there was ever a time for us to help humanity – this is it. So please come forward and donate (every little bit helps) and spread this message. The more we raise, the more girls we can help educate. 

Donations can be made directly into our bank account. Please email us if you would like your donation to be recorded so we can send send more information about how your donation helped these children in need. 

IBAN number: BH48BBKU00100000386530