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As members of AFKARECH we aim to support our members businesses before outsourcing therefore we support local women in business.


Taxation Exam Preparation/Tuition

For those who need help preparing for new taxations laws and examinations Numana is experienced and skillful. Afkarech members can avail of 20% discount. 

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Food Sector

Melting Moments

Melting moments is a home based cakery. Our mission is to continue to serving seamlessly in customizing diverse sweet delicacies so that we may endeavor to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. We provide bakes and desserts with unforgettable tastes to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Each product is made from scratch and with ingredients of the finest quality. 

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Contact 33899299 Instagram:@meltingmoments

Please note to ensure high quality desserts contact 4-5 days prior and Fondant Cakes one week in advance. 

Health & Life Sciences

Child Foundation Center

Mariam Alammadi has been working in the field of mental health for the last decade. She has experience in working for an NGO,guidance counselling, youth leader, setting up workshops and as a child psychologist. In 2018 after gaining vast experience Mariam founded the Child Foundation Center a psychological center that focuses on providing specialized care in counseling, milestone development and psychometric testing. She is specialized in pediatric psychology and working with patients with AS, ADHD and ASD. She also gives supervision to other therapists in the region and educational workshops.

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Members of Afkarech can available of 15% discount on child psychology appointments. 

Happy Life Coaching Services

Happy Life is a human development and empowerment agency. Founded by Nadia Fakhro, master life coach and mentor. 

Happy Life Coaching provides life skills coaching, mentoring and personal training in personal private sessions to help:

1- Balance your soul, mind and body through happyology. 

2-Find your passions & use them for self-empowerment.

3. Introduce balanced & healthy habits into your life

4. Boost your charisma and build better relationships.

5. Highlight your professional & leadership strength points.

6. Embrace an action plan to help achieve greatness.

Get 30% discount on all services via the Afkarech business directory. Quote the code; AFKARECH. Find out more by visiting; http://www.happylife.services/

Contact: +97334041637

Instagram: @happylifecoaching

Rula Husseini Life Coaching

Rula Husseini life coaching will help you discover your hidden potential and empower you achieve your goals. Rula is a certified NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist. If you feel you are strong stuck in your life and not able to achieve your goals, change your habits, trapped into a cycle of negative thinking, do not hesitate to take the 1st step towards loving yourself. Hurry up to book an appointment by going to appointments page on www.rhusseini.com, mention that you are referred by Afkarech and avail 25% discount on the first 3 sessions plus a free diagnosis session.

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Bare Athlete

The Bare Athlete is a blog which offers free advice on nutrition, fitness, triathlon and the power of mindset in overcoming fears and living your best life. Feel free to contact us regarding nutrition, getting into fitness or triathlon and looking after you mindset. 

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