Welcome to AFKARECH أفكارج Female Network & Women Empowerment

'Thoughts for women by women"


Mission statement

“Our Purpose: We support the success of women in Bahrain.

Our Mission: We are committed to empowering women to achieve success on their own terms. We strive to provide opportunities for women to connect with and support each other. We aim to deliver workshops that contribute to the personal and professional development of our members, meeting their needs at the right time in the right way.

Our Vision: We shape the future of women in Bahrain by providing opportunities for development, fostering valuable connections, and facilitating member success through academic and career growth.

Our Values:

We recognize and promote one another.

We pursue growth and learning.

We support each other.

We mentor each other.

We respect each other. 

A forward-thinking, inspiring organization, AFKARECH supports and celebrates the growth and success of all members. We are proud to be the first female think tank in Bahrain”.

 رسالة المنظمة    


هدفنا: دعم نجاح المرأة في البحرين.

مهمتنا: نحن ملتزمون بتمكين المرأة لتحقق نجاحها الخاص.

نسعى لتوفير الفرص للنساء للتواصل ودعم بعضهن البعض.

نهدف إلى تقديم ورش عمل تساهم في التطوير الشخصي والمهني لأعضائنا، ملبية احتياجاتهم في الوقت المناسب بالطريقة الصحيحة.

نعقد مناسبات اجتماعية لمساعدة النساء على الالتقاء والاختلاط بغيرهن ممن لديهن مثل التفكير. 

رؤيتنا: نسهم في صياغة مستقبل المرأة في البحرين من خلال توفير فرص للتطور، وتعزيز العلاقات القيمة، وتسهيل نجاح الأعضاء عبر النمو الأكاديمي والمهني.


ندرك ونشجع بعضنا البعض

نسعى لتحقيق النمو والتعلم

ندعم بعضنا البعض

نرشد بعضنا البعض

نحترم بعضنا البعض

منظمة أفكارج هي منظمة ملهمة وذات فكر متفتح، تدعم النمو والنجاح لجميع أعضائها. نحن فخورون بأن نكون أول مؤسسة فكرية للإناث في البحرين. 

Utilising Skills of Members

Although other societies exist, Afkarech has a different concept as it intends to utilise the skills of group members by teaching and guiding each other. Members will conduct presentations and skill workshops to teach other members in the network. This helps both parties as the presenter will gain experience and confidence and the presentees will gain new information and skills. By using this methodology, it is essentially women helping women which is the primary goal of Afkarech – women empowering each other. Two short workshops were conducted to test the viability of this. One workshop was in fitness/mental health and one workshop was in life coaching. The workshops were successful and we will been having more soon. 

Think Tank

If someone has an idea it is discussed and members offer help to get it to its fruition. It is always great when you have an idea to be able to share it in a safe environment that is confidential and get feedback on a concept. Often an idea shared will be one previously executed by a member and their experience can be invaluable. In essence Afkarech can act as a focus group. We are also currently undertaking research into lives for women in Bahrain and how they feel they can be improved. 


It is important for Afkarech to undertake a project to help the young women in Bahrain. We would really to create a “Mentor Motivation Program”. The program will target young women from 18-23 years of age who are engaged in full time or part time study. Often young women find themselves studying subjects they had anticipated to be different or the study area is executed differently in reality this can lead to drop out with no professional qualifications. Afkarech aims to target these women by allowing them to shadow members, apprenticeships, discussing difficulties with members who might already be in that field and offer them support. The members will be committed to the development and growth of the young woman they decide to mentor and be qualified to teach them this knowledge. The founder will be responsible for ensuring this is taking place and both mentor and mentee are happy with the progression. 


As women is it important we network and support each other. Afkarech aims to bring women together to make good connections whether it be personally or professionally. Afkarech members need to be over eighteen years of age but aside from that members can be any age group, nationality, employed or unemployed. We aim to use the skills within the group before outsourcing so in essence utilising the businesses within the group first. Historically we know the difficulties women have faced in business and this support is very important. Hence aiding their businesses by providing consumers. 

Workshops/Further Education

Some trainers and lecturers have approached to give their services pro-bono to help benefit the members and their progression which is something we are very grateful for and hope to explore further. Tamkeen has also been helpful to us and recently allowed members to attend to courses. 

Directory of members

Once Afkarech grows in members, the idea is to have an online directory that link to members businesses and profiles. This will only be applicable to members who which to avail of this service. It is a free marketing tool and could help bring in clients and raise awareness of  their businesses. 

Media Awareness

We aim to get awareness for our members and their projects and promote it by creating good relationships with media organisations and outlets. Secondly creating events via advertising to bring more awareness to our members and other organisations we liaise with in Bahrain.