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Afkarech Women's Care Packages

During Ramadan, Afkarech has decided that we will be doing Afkarech Care Packages for Women. We want to support the women in Bahrain who are currently residing in shelters with little or no income and in desperate need by supplying them with toothbrushes, shampoos/conditions, sanitary products, deodrants, face towels and body gel and soaps. You can donate any items (big or small it is the thought that counts) Monday to Thursday 10am-3pm, suite 42, 4th floor, building 298, road 3306, block 333, Umm Al Hassam. Please label packages by writing Afkarech on them. Thank you from everyone at Afkarech for your kindness.

In each care package and in their own handwriting – every member of Afkarech will write a card that says the welfare of women is important to Afkarech, that they are loved, that we are praying for them and that they are valued. When asked why this initiative is so important- Mariam Alammadi, Afkarech president stated As women it is very important to be encouraging of each other. Supporting women in the community is the very foundation of which Afkarech is built. It is my hope that Afkarech will continue to be a support system for women of all nationalities in the community for many years to come”.

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