In 2019 Afkarech is embarking on four community projects. We would love volunteers and individuals with an interest to help these projects come to fruition. If you would like to do so please send a CV to our email and identify which project you would like to be part of.  There is a brief outline of each program below:

  • Our mentorship program will begin September 2019 and we will be inviting  young women from the ages 14-18 to take part as well as women who feel they could be a good mentor and provide guidance.  
  • Our mental health program is to help provide awareness, guidance and mental health and well-being resources to women in the community.
  • Our stop animal cruelty program in which we will seek collaboration with animal rescue centers in Bahrain to achieve this goal.
  • Our research program to provide insights into daily life for women in Bahrain and what Afkarech can do as a network to faciliate them in their personal and professional growth.

Each program will be project managed by a member of our committee. 

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