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Afkarech Woman of the year 2018

Mary Justine Todd of the WCCI

The AFKARECH WOMAN OF THE YEAR is an annual event which recognizes an individual who made an outstanding contribution to woman empowerment and society. This year AFKARECH selected five worthy candidates and allowed members of the public to vote on our website for their candidate. The very deserving recipient of the title was Mary Justine Todd after winning more than eighty per cent of the vote. She is a breath of fresh air is every way - her commitment, compassion and dedication are some of the immediate qualities that shine through when you meet her. 

We are honored to have Mary Justine as the AFKARECH Woman Of The Year 2018.  The work undertaken by the WCCI is incredible not just for the GCC region but on a global scale. After getting to know the WCCI Staff and learn more about their training and advocacy program is so impressive. To achieve what they have in such a short period is nothing short of incredible! We are extremely lucky to have a center like this in Bahrain!

We look forward to collaborating on projects with the WCCI in the future and making any resources AFKARECH has available to them. One of our purposed future projects is to learn from the WCCI on how to work with women who have suffered from domestic abuse by providing them a safe space to aid them in gaining their confidence back, offer them support, improve their skills and facilitate them to get back into the work force. We hope by joining forces we will continue to our shared goal to empower women.  

Learn more about the WCCI - Women's Crisis Care International and the work they do to help women who are victims of abuse here


Please note the forementioned had no previous affiliation with Afkarech and was chosen purely on merit.