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Intay by Afkarech

Womens Symposium- "Embracing Diversity & Overcoming Adversity".

9th November 2019; Bahrain – Afkarech Female Network and Think Tank has officially announced the first-ever Intay Women’s Symposium will be held on Saturday the 7th of December 2019 at Upstairs Downstairs in Adliya. The symposium will discuss the topic of  “Embracing Diversity and Overcoming Adversity” as Afkarech celebrates the success of women in Bahrain.

Launched in 2017, Afkarech is committed to providing opportunities for women to connect with and support each other. The Intay conference is one way Afkarech brings women from Bahrain together to collaborate and build long-lasting social networks. 

This year’s Intay conference will focus on the importance of diversity in the local community and celebrate the melting pot of nationalities, cultures and religions that make the Kingdom of Bahrain an exceptional place to live. 

“It does not matter what has happened in your past, you can still light up your future and that is really what we want to get across to everyone who attends the conference,” Mariam Alammadi, President of Afkarech, said. “The event has something for everyone and is a great way to promote female entrepreneurs and female-driven projects in the community.”

Along with celebrating the diversity of the country, Intay aims to spread a strong message of overcoming adversity. The organisation wants to empower women and help them work towards a bright future in Bahrain. The day-long conference will be filled with thought-provoking discussions, activities, celebrating female entrepreneurs, networking opportunities, and a certified workshop that will leave attendees feeling inspired and uplifted.

The certified workshop will be held in collaboration with Warsha. Warsha is a Bahrain-based social enterprise that aims to empower and develop youth and women in communities and companies of the MENA region. The workshop will focus on the topic of “Overcoming Adversity”. Tickets are limited and can be purchased at http://intay.eventbrite.com

“The Kingdom of Bahrain is a perfect example of the beauty in diversity,” Lovy Joseph, Vice President of Afkarech, said. “Intay is a celebration of this beauty and brings women of different nationalities together to share knowledge, education and support one another.”

Afkarech’s Intay 2019 conference will be held on Saturday the 7th of December from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Upstairs Downstairs in Adliya. Food and refreshments will be served throughout the day. For more details, please visit http://afkarech.com

About Afkarech

Afkarech is a Female Network and Think Tank established in Bahrain in 2017. The organization’s purpose is to support the success of women in Bahrain. Afkarech is committed to providing opportunities for women to connect with and support each other. The group provides workshops that contribute to the professional development of its members, meeting their needs at the right time and in the right way. Afkarech holds social events for like-minded women to meet and socialize as well as promotes activities in the community.

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Organisation: Afkarech

Contact: Mariam Alammadi, President

Contact: Admin, Afkarech

Website: https://afkarech.com/

Email: info@afkarech.com

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Do you want more details? Or wish to be part of the event? Please email info@afkarech.com

The speakers


Noura Al Zabie

 Noura is project manager @smcbahrain Social media & HR Strategist. Specialized in content strategy and employees engagement. Supporting women of every type in the community and women entrepreneurs: Qualified in social media, human resources and business. Noura has created events that helped brought attention to many important social causes particularly in women’s health both mental and physical. She is dedicated to Bahrain’s 2030 goals in the field of female empowerment. 


Christina Mc Barron

Christina is a certified professional makeup artist from Ireland. With over 10 years of makeup experience working exclusively for Harrods London under the tutelage of world renowned luxury brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford and Illamasqua. After gaining vast experience in the field she decided to launch her own business bringing a pro salon makeup experience to your home. Christina emphasizes your natural beauty and believes in empowering women to look and feel better. She is specialized in bridal makeup has worked with Bahrain’s leading photographers and in major international campaigns.


Layla Karajica


Layla is an experienced Architect, Lecturer at the Department of Architecture and Interior Design, University of Bahrain. Layla believes in supporting and creating platforms for women. She has been a true supporter of Afkarech since it’s inception and is now proudly one of our Committee. Layla has lived around the world hailing from Bosnia and has an in-depth knowledge of cultures and traditions. Areas of research interest are: Traditional Architecture & Heritage Conservation, Post-War Reconstruction, Islamic Architecture, and Heritage of the 20th Century Modern Architecture.


Esky Dubois


Esky Girmay Dubois is the first female Honorary Consul of Ethiopia in the Kingdom of Bahrain. She is a member of Migrants workers protection society since 2008 (former Board member of MWPS head of Fund Raising committee & Assistant Action Committee head). She has conducted many charity fund raising charity events throughout the years to help local & International NGOs. Esky is Traditional Clothes Designer for the brand “ESKY”. Worked as  Media  Manager previously ( Red house Marketing & Product specialist Gulf Pharmacy ( Derma & Pharmaceutical products )
Esky is a social advocate (Works very closely with  the relevant bodies to help / protect Domestic Workers in need specially those who are sexually & physically abused and non- payment wages)
She is a freelance event organizer (Cultural Events & Fashion shows)
Modeled for many  international and local brands
Film Maker( Film Producer, Script Writer, Director & Actress)
Films include;
The Maid
The Stranger


Jawaher Almoayed


Jawaher Almoayed works at Y. K. Almoayyed & Sons in Business Development she focuses on Brand Development and Customer Touch-points.
Previously Jawaher worked in DTEB and Mardi as a Junior Architect after completing her degree in Northeastern University.
She founded White Spoon Bakery which is a business-charity hybrid organization that funds woman's education both in and outside the island of Bahrain. An African proverb says, “If we educate a boy, we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family – and a whole nation.” By sending a girl to school, she is far more likely to ensure that her children also receive an education. As many claim, investing in a girl’s education is investing in a nation.


Sonorita Chauhan Mehta


Sonorita is a Digital Editor, Content & Communication Strategist, Social Media Specialist and complete news junkie at heart. An engineer by education, she followed her passion for news & broadcast to become a successful journalist. In a career spanning two decades, she has worked in several big media houses in Bahrain, Dubai and India. Her latest project was the modernization of the Gulf Daily News. She launched the website GDN online and served as its editor for five years. She is also a columnist for the Gulf News. 'Follow your heart' is the mantra that Sonorita Chauhan Mehta lives her life by.


Nivedita Dutta

I am a resident of Bahrain for the last twenty nine years. I am married with two girls and have been working with Bapco for the last 16 years. 

I am interested in charity and giving back to the community in the Kingdom of Bahrain. I am an active member of Indian Ladies Association being its President for three times. I volunteered at Sneha for the last decade. Sneha is the recreation center for special needs which is run by ILA. I am also a member of the Awali Ladies Hospitality Group which is a Charity Organisation under the aegis of Bapco which supports local charities. 

I recently have started trekking. This was a long time aspiration but I embraced the adventure three years ago. I did the Himalayan Trek in 2017 from Dharamshala, India, Jabel Shams which is called the Grand Canyon of Oman, Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal and very recently Kilimanjaro which is called the roof of Africa. Planning to continue this adventure gives me immense pleasure and I get to learn so much from it. 

My motto in life is to give back to society and nature in whatever small way I can. This and being a guiding force for my family is my true passion


Meera Ravi


MEERA RAVI is one of the senior-most journalists in Bahrain and Editor of Salaam Bahrain magazine, which is now 12 years old. Her Twitter account says she is 'fiercely liberal, a history buff and a sucker for all things cultural' - which sums her up pretty neatly.
A third-generation journalist, she also has three books as co-author with her father K.R.N. Swamy, to her credit: A Reference Book, "Peacock Thrones of the World"; a shorter "The Mughal Peacock Throne" - both these books are rich in fabulous detail about the legendary Peacock Throne of Shah Jahan and its 'imitators' worldwide.
She has also co-authored 'British Ghosts & Occult Experiences in India', a collection of well-researched true ghost stories.
In 2014, Meera was commissioned to write a book on contemporary Bahrain-India relations. The coffee-table book “Bahrain-India Relations: Illustrious History, Bright Future” was presented by HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa to the President and Prime Minister of India during his official State Visit to India in February 2014.
She is also a columnist in the Gulf Daily News.
Meera believes in the culture of mentoring and building a network of social and cultural platforms. She has served as President of the Indian Fine Arts Society, has independently brought many cultural icons to Bahrain for performances.


Ayah Al Jarhi


Being fascinated with photography and capturing moments at a very young age, Ayah joined the photography scene in 2014, and became known as Captures by Ayah or better yet, Captures by YAYA. Exploring different aspects of photography, she has been fixated mainly on portraits and creating content by raising awareness on different issues faced in the Arab world such as Violence & Abuse, Third Culture Kids and Diversity, etc.
Ayah is originally Egyptian but was raised in Bahrain and even she doesn’t know where she belongs sometimes. Ayah, a marketing graduate from UoB, is also a program coordinator at BIBF and is responsible for catering to the institute’s undergraduate students. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Ayah in her happy place…watching Netflix, eating pizza and wondering if her jeans will fit tomorrow.


Sabeeka Al Shamlan

 Sabeeka is a certified coach and a trainer with 10 years of experience in social development and community empowerment. Sabeeka has worked with different regional and international NGOs
such as the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on sustainable growth and gender projects, the international youth leadership organization AIESEC and Ruwwad Al Tanmeya in Amman designing and implementing empowerment programs for women and youth.
She was also part of the Rowad team at Bahrain Development Bank, coaching and training entrepreneurs towards starting-up and growing their businesses. Sabeeka is an Alumni of the Manama Hub of the Global Shapers Community and a co-founder at The Feminist Club & Founder of Warsha.

She is currently an active Certified Crisis Advocate at Women Crisis Care International, a certified facilitator for Hive Women Leadership Program and in the process of acquiring her postgraduate degree of MRes in Gender Studies with the University of Portsmouth. 


Shivani Sathasivam

Shivani is an economist turned social entrepreneur, marketer, social media instigator and an athlete with a passion to challenge social norms. She founded Plant Based Bahrain which is a platform for all things vegan in Bahrain, which she uses to educate about the benefits of a plant based diet in relation to health and implications for the environment, through her page and events. 


Layla Al Sharif

Layla followed her passion and ended a 7 year corporate job to become Bahrain’s first Cake Designer. She founded Sugar&Lace Cakes in 2014, gaining a great following and reputation for bespoke, elegant wedding cakes. Her one-off designs have pushed boundaries and graced the finest ballrooms of the country. Layla has offered consultation and training services to many local bakeries and restaurants in Bahrain and KSA.
Having always been a spiritual person with a deep understanding of the laws of the universe, Layla loves to share her experiences to help, and inspire others through talks, workshops, panel appearances and interviews. Being a Reiki healer and a certified Yoga teacher, her daily practice keeps her grounded and motivated. 


Aysha Al Mutaywea

 A licensed attorney from the Kingdom of Bahrain, a member of the Bahrain Bar Association, an international arbitration practitioner, and a litigation lawyer, Aysha is known for her expertise in MENA Region laws. She offers more than 10 years of experience in various legal fields and currently advises clients on a wide range of issues including civil, commercial, corporate, insurance and re-insurance, finance, banking, investment, energy, construction and real estate disputes. She regularly sits as arbitrator and serves as counsel and legal expert in various international arbitration proceedings.
Aysha is highly regarded as one of the leading practitioners in the arbitration scene in the MENA region, having handled disputes under various arbitration rules. She is one of the youngest members of the International Court of Arbitration at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and serves on the Board of Directors of ICC Bahrain. She is a member of the Advisory Committee at the Royal University for Women in Bahrain and the Dispute Resolution Committee at the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry. She served as a member of the Case Management Committee at the Supreme Judicial Council in Bahrain and the Board Secretary of the Chartered Institute for Arbitrators (CIArb Bahrain Branch). Aysha has contributed to several publications including: the Bahrain Arbitration Chapter of the GAR publication “Getting the deal through”, she co-authored and published “The Psychology and Art of Persuasion” and “Harmonising Cultures in International Arbitration”. She has also published other articles and papers relating to arbitration and litigation; “Tribunal Secretaries in Arbitration” and “Practical notes on BCDR-AAA Section One Litigation Procedures”. Aysha is passionate about social work and established the “Pro bono Lawyers Network” in Bahrain which brings together a number of lawyers who offer free legal services to clients.  The pro bono services are focused around domestic violence, sexual abuse, gender discrimination, human trafficking, human rights, immigration disputes and family law.  Aysha is also the co-founder of The Feminist Club. 


Najma Ghuloom

 Najma’s passion for development has been evident in all her varied experiences be it her certification in Learning and Development (CIPD), past work experiences as Internships Directors at AIESEC in Bahrain, or Analyst and Editor at DMS Global. Currently, as co-founder of Majra, Najma is heavily involved in working towards engaging and enabling young Bahraini job seekers. 


Simran Sreejit

 Simran is a chirpy enthusiastic girl with an intense desire to learn all things new. She harbors a keen interest in co-curricular activities, balancing both academics and things that interest her with great ease. She is known for her oratory skills and has often won accolades for it. She has recently taken a penchant for anchoring and is currently enhancing her skills in the same. She loves exploring new things, places, cultures, food and ideas. Reading Enid Blyton books, dancing, listening to music and watching the Disney channel are her favourite hobbies. Her grit and determination, coupled with her humble and friendly nature, make all those who know her, love and admire her. 


Wiam Shaikh

Wiam Rabiya shaikh is all of 9 years of age. She is brimming with curiosity, Wiam is the epitome of a confident healthy child whose dance moves not only depict her enthusiasm but also her language to communicate with the world with the world around her. She enjoys excercise and has an interest in swimming and competitive basketball where she excels. Wiam believes in the power of team work and supporting one another. Wiam believes in working on your inner peace and her religious studies have helped her achieve this. She also has an interest in the creative arts and you can often find her sketching and painting around the house. Wiam attends BSB. 


Jude Al Hadidi

Jude Al-Hadidi is 10 years old and was born ‪on the 22nd of February. She was born in Jordan, but then moved the Bahrain when she was 4 years old and loves it. Her dad owns a lovely Arabic cuisine called Areesh. Jude goes to the British School of Bahrain and her favourite subjects are math, art, science and Arabic. She is into music & sports, playing the guitar, swimming, art and calisthenics. Jude is also in an Aladdin production, which will happen in March, 2020 and is looking forward to it a lot. Her two best friends are Natalie Masri and Yara Isa, and she thinks they're the best. Girl power!" 


Bedoor Al Shawoosh

 Bodour Hamad Al Shawoosh is a student in grade 8 at Al Iman School. Her interests include cooking and reading. Bodour also has an interest in the creative arts and enjoys painting. She has got 2 brothers and one little sister. Since that her favourite subject is science, Bodour’s dream is to become a doctor one day. 


Haya Khalifa

Haya Khalifa is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She’s the creative director of Naseem AlAndalos and founder of Nesma Studio, a fashion brand focusing on sustainability and giving back to the community. She’s a fashion design graduate from Royal University for Women and her achievements include fashion shows in Dubai, London, Paris and Marrakech and she recently received the award for best Arab fashion designer in Arab Sat Festival in Egypt. She is personally invested in environmental activism and is focusing on spreading awareness about sustainable and ethical fashion in the region. 


Michelle Rainer

Michelle is a social butterfly. Loves being surrounded by people and connecting with them.
Mom of 2 very energetic and lively boys.

Born in Nice, France. Lived in Ghana, Spain, the US, Panama, Austria, Malta and now in Bahrain for 3 years.

Speaks English, French, German, a bit of Arabic and Spanish.

Studied Interior Architecture in Spain/and Public Relations and Mass Media in Houston TX.

After working in various fields, she got involved in Sales and Marketing in Aviation selling aircraft, engines, air frame and avionics and she opened up her own business in 2012 providing maintenance, logistic and consultancy services to the Aviation Industry worldwide.

Founded Ladies Of Bahrain in March of 2019 as a platform to help support women’s businesses and encourage fun, positivity and sisterhood. 


Priya Shankar

PRIYA SHANKAR – A marketing and communications specialist in the hospitality industry, Priya is a corporate honcho and a fiercely independent woman. As a motor biking enthusiast, she is an officer of the Ladies of Harley Bahrain Chapter and a proud member the Harley Owners Group (HOG) family. She is also a supporter of many charities and recently helped raising funds and spread Breast Cancer Awareness by organising Ride in Pink event for the Ladies of Harley and the Harley Owners Group (HOG) with the support of the Harley Davidson dealer with a record-breaking turnout of over 400 bikers with almost 18 bike groups. Priya is very well known in the community as an influencer and a contemporary career woman. Words from an advertisement for Harley that strongly resonate with her; ‘It’s all about the ride, not the destination.’